Produzione moda Positano, Confezioni Luiselle e' una ditta artigianale che produce e vende capi di abbigliamento femminile di propria produzione, dall'ideazione de nuovo modello alla realizzazione a mezzo disegno, taglio e cucito, poi avvienne la produzione della classica moda Positano, tutti i capi sono ben rifiniti e confezionati con tessuti pregiati, belli.
Produzione di Moda Positano


  Our history started in the fifties when the name “Luiselle” was created at our factory, one of the few schools of dressmaking that were in the area during that time. However it was in 1969 that the birth of Luiselle actually occurred launching the famous romantic dresses made of Provencal cotton, enriched with many laces and traditional embroidery that have made famous Positano Fashion throughout the world.
Creativity and entrepreneurship symbolized the development of the Company during the eighties.
The times continually changed and with them also our small factory Luiselle grew and developed, becoming a real company, continuing however to combine together handicraft innovation.
The new fabrics and the most beautiful embroidery were tested, and the best materials such as georgette of natural viscous and 100% linen are used in a range of colours that goes from white, that is always nice to the most beautiful and colourful inks to the most current stone-washed colours.
It is from the most beautiful and selected materials that all our collections are created: dresses, sets, casuals and elegant articles, but always very feminine, we try to satisfy customers of different sizes and age!