Classica Moda Positano Fashion alla ditta Confezioni Luiselle, fabbrica artigianale di abbigliamento per Donna, capi confezionati con tessuti e merletti pregiati e manifattura professionale, il Made Italy di successo da Confezioni Luiselle
Moda Positano Fashion, Luiselle, fabbrica artigianale di abbigliamento artistico

  Moda Positano was born in the 60's and is famous worldwide. Creative collections inspired by the sea and beautiful local landscapes, together with a strong need and desire to break away from the usual fashion stereotypes have lead to a crafting very individual clothes, sophisticaded and comfortable, adaptable to all needs..from casual to romantic to more classically elegant. It is a real explosion of flowers lace and applique'. The guided tour of the small factory is very interesting. The designer and soul of the company, Annamaria, together with her assistants will help you to explore a fascinating world, where the real craftmanship of the Moda Positano clothes was born (Jacqueline Kennedy was often seen in Positano wearing typical 'Positano Moda' clothes walking bare foot). In 60's Annamaria's mother 'Luiselle' would choose the materials: linen, cotton, viscose, lace. The clothes would then be cut and styled at the worktable, by hand, individually fitted and costumised according to the needs of the buyer.
You can book a visit to the factory and spend an unforgettable day rediscovering the traditional tailoring of Positano Moda and this enchanted tradition passed from mother Luiselle to Annamaria and daughter, who still today use the same methods used in the 60's to produce a superb traditional product. For any information do not hesitate to contact us